Hi I'm Aeleise Jana

Curly + Natural Hair Geek | Deva Advanced Inspired Stylist | Curly Hair Artistry Member + Educator

I'm a visual artist and Curly + Natural Hair is my primary canvas/medium.  I work with beautiful women to give them the best cut and color of their textured hair lives, no lye.  I'm not a natural hair stylist.  Anyone can braid/twist/loc.  Though I have and may selectively continue to provide those services, I am not currently accepting new "styling only" clients.

My specialty is Dry Curly Cuts + Creative Color in the red + brunette family.  I create lines, shapes, forms, and dimensional saturated hues with coily, curly, and kinky hair.

My people are fearless artists, lawyers, doctors, professors, and entreprenuers who feel free to rock their hair, their way .  They allow me to fuse my Art School intensity and technical Aveda training to create fly cuts + amazing color  to create bomb ass natural hair.